About Us

Our Story

Hi y’all, welcome to our blog we are Anthony(26) & Tori(24). Together we are taking on the adventure to live the life that we have always dreamed of.



The Past

We met in 2007 in high school. We were friends for a while then started dating in May 2009. In May of 2013 we eloped in St. Thomas. As of March 2016 we have lived together in 6 different locations, 3 of those being places we have owned. Soon we will have another to add to that list since we will be selling our third home this spring, of 2016. Anthony and I have been through way more then a normal young couple should have to go through. Yet it has made us stronger and closer.




Why we made the decision

Anthony was working Monday- Friday  7:30 AM- 5PM. I (Tori) worked nights that vary usually week nights 3:30 PM – 10PM. This meant we were never seeing each other and when we did it was on weekends. Even then we were working on the house and never had time for US. We were just over the bullshit we were calling our life. Then we made the official decision for Anthony to quit his job, he gave notice on Sunday February 28,2016. His last day was Friday March 11, 2016. This was the beginning to our new life. 

Anthony and I realized life was to short and it changed us for the better. It taught us that being away from each other all the time to work for things we NEVER had time to enjoy wasn’t what we wanted. We were working our lives away. The point of getting a good job and making lots of money was to have a “better life”. But things were spiralling out of control. We were both becoming very unhappy with our “success” of the American Dream also known as the rat race.

The Now:

We both have quit our jobs, sold our house, and everything that was in it. We and are heading to Southeast Asia on November 1, 2016 for 6 months. Then we plan on coming back to the States to start flipping full time. Follow what happens here on and on our Youtube channel.


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