First night in the camper

I am in love with these lights that I got from a yard sale 4 years ago (hoarder.. cough cough)

Our first night in the camper was “magical”. I can hear Anthony chuckling at me in the background now for saying that word. I was honestly nervous for our first night because it’s a big change. Thoughts shot through my head faster than I could make solutions for them, “What if I miss my house, we still have no couch, ugh I still have to clean the toilet in the camper, I have NO dishwasher, this place is a wreck because I haven’t unpacked!”

It was 8pm we were completely moved in and I actually felt relaxed for the first time in 3 weeks. All my fears had suddently drifted away. We ordered take out, lit a fire and talked for a few hours. The talking is of course my favorite part. Talking about our future, dreams, goals, inspirations in life shout out to the @thebucketlistfamily ;). Having a spouse that has the same dreams as you and continues to grow with you is the best thing I could ever ask for. Each of us reach out of our comfort zone to join the other one in a new adventure.  Yet we always make sure that it’s a compromise and talked about first, never forced on one another.

The fire, lights, and Anthony relaxing.

Anyways back to our first night in the camper… The feeling of being able to he outside to have a life more disconnected from the norm was so freeing!! Our tv isn’t really working so we have had to find other things to do to enjoy our time. You never realize how amazing life is until you take out all the fillers like working (yes I mean a job), tv, taking out a little wifi, not being on your phone so much, and most important NOT planning your life out. Being sporadic and letting things happen as they should. For instance while outside aroud 10PM we could hear this loud horrible sounding karaoke. Anthony having the explorer type personality he does he wanted to find out where it was coming from. So instead of watching tv or playing on the Internet before bed like we usual do. Instead we rode around in a car for 20 minutes searching for this music. Haha.. it was amusing he was so interested in kinding out where it was coming from. We never ended up finding it that night.

Just doing a little reading on my kindle by the fire while Anthony went to take a shower

That night we didn’t sleep very well.  We think it was from just being in a new place but having no curtains didnt help either.  Next is where the MAGICAL part comes in. I wake up go outside to sit in our chairs and it just stunning even breathtaking! The beautiful trees the sounds of the birds and the wind blowing through the trees. I was just blown away by the feelings I was having. I didnt understad why but I knew that they were good. I started thinking about all the good things that the chpice of a camper had done for us like, “we are debt free, we are living a life more connected to nature, less connected to things, more minimalistic, this means more time together. This is everything I have ever wanted.”  My heart just filled with happiness, love, and calm. If everyday could be a smidge like this one this was going to be an amazing ride!
I wish I could explain more of the way this place makes me feel but I really can’t get it out. To me it feels like a limitless amount of opportunities. Nothing is holding us back anymore. No mortgage, car payment, jobs, debt, let me say it again MORTGAGE!  The fact that we had gotten rid of practically everything yet feel like I still have to much crap and just want to get rid of more. I feel the possibility to be full of experiences, more time spent with my husband, more time BEING. Instead of having to work to make money to pay for THINGS I never have time to use.


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