Why did I ever buy a house in the first place?

I looked at our house that we are currently selling and thought wow I don’t know WHY I ever bought you.

I told my grandmother that if someone offered it back to me for free I wouldn’t even take it. Tim Ferris makes a comment in the four-hour work week, saying something along the lines of when you buy a house (the American Dream) you are adding two new jobs to your time sheet. A homeowner then becomes a maintenance man and  in charge of all the lawn care. You have to go to work to pay for this place and then come home to work on it. It’s a revolving circle of time-consuming junk.

Now I look at our house and that’s all I think about mowing the lawn, cleaning (3 bathrooms and 1500 sqft), fixing things that break, expensive electric bill, always renovating something, and never ending projects. The list can go on and on but you get the point. We had to spend 2 & 1/2 hours there cleaning it just to get it ready for the buyers. Then we found out closing got pushed back 12 days! We weren’t very happy finding that out. Pushing settlement back comes with the possibility of having to pay another mortgage payment when we weren’t planning on it. Ahhh another reason why I love my camper more than this shitty house… NO PAYMENTS! Yay! Once closing goes through I think Anthony and I will be feeling A LOT better and a lot more RELAXED! Right now we are still stress balls over this just going through and letting us be done! The possibility to go travel will be officially set in motion once closing happens but until then we are stuck here.



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