Travel Announcement!

Our plans are to leave and start traveling November 1st (to a surprise location). We will be announcing once we go to settlement. Once settlement is complete it will be an official trip. We are getting so excited. With less then 68 days until we leave its once of the most exciting and adventurous things we have ever done.

HINT: We will be leaving the country.


It’s something that has become a really big deal to us. We went from a slow casual walk to now a running sprint towards traveling. It’s a fire that burns in both of us that we never knew we each had. It was supposed to only be for a month or two. As the weeks go by leading to the travel we have long talks about the travel that awaits us. Somehow this fire gets extended to new locations and added on months.

Currently we have scheduled for 6 months travel. We are leaving  with the intentions to travel with an unknown return date (based on finances). Until we feel satisfied with our travel bug. By not planing I feel that life gets better. Things are more fun and things work out and go the way they are SUPPOSE to not what WE want. We keep revisiting this lesson through out  our lives! It’s a real thing and true. By not fighting what’s suppose to happen in your life and letting things happen they work out (to an extent). Things still need to be somewhat researched and planned.




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