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Learning to Unplug

We have been in the camper now a, short, week and a half but a lot has changed. We have slowed down to enjoy whats around instead of whats in our computers and phones. These changes happened unintentionally and if anything we were fighting it especially me. Getting outdoors has become our daily norm.

Between having no cable, a crappy wifi connection for our computer, and almost out of data on our phone, we have had a very disconnected week.  Let me tell you I haven’t had a week like that EVER. I defiantly want to continue this kind of lifestyle.

It has not been easy I don’t want to make it seem that way. We use to spend hours and I mean HOURS on ipads, phones, computer, and have netflix going on the tv at the same time. I was addicted to say the least. By being so frugal we both refused the option of a hotspot and we just agreed to make it work.

  • Less facebook more reading,
  • No instagram instead a nice walk in the woods,
  • How about snap chat (that has been my hardest) take that away and instead have a nice little dinner on the grill. Which we invited my grandmother who lives 4 campers down from us.

This is what our week looked like in a glimpse.

Bottom line its been fabulous. I have had an urge for years now to just throw out the tv or get rid of internet all together. The best way in my opinion is to do it in moderation. We can have a little bit of those luxuries in our lives. Yet now we don’t NEED want them like before.

It has opened up so many new options for us to do with our time. Anthony and I have been reading like crazy to learn new things instead of researching online.


The books we have been reading the past week and a half are listed below:

Books Anthony has been reading:

Finished: The 4 Hour Body available on Amazon

4 hour

One Simple Idea available on Amazon

one simple idea

Anthony and I are both reading:


Surrender Experiment available on Amazon


I am reading:

Finished: How to Travel Full Time available on Amazon


How to Travel the World on $50 a day available on Amazon


What non-fiction books have you enjoyed?  We would love some ideas.


One thought on “Learning to Unplug

  1. hahaha … I remember not having any wifi and phone connection for one week on our last trip to the Baltic Sea. It was GREAT. It took us half a day but than realist that it’s great to calm down and enjoying the outdoors.

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