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Travel Announcement

Check out the link below to hear our great news. ITS OFFICIAL , finally. We were just so excited we had to go eat some ice cream.


Check out our Youtube channel. This is were we will be posting most of our content while we are traveling.  We are both really excited for this new adventure of traveling of course but also sharing our videos with family and friends. Its important to us to document our adventure. We thought well what better way then to start a Youtube channel. We hope you can follow along with us.

So lets get to the real stuff you want to know the SCOOP… We leave OFFICIALLY November 1, 2016. We will start in Thailand for the first month and have a couple fun layovers on the way. Then after December we are flying by the seat of our pants seeking adventure. There is an “idea” of where we want to go but no set schedule or plans what so ever. Tori tried to plan as much as she could but things just kept going wrong. In a sense we decided to ditch the itinerary, to an extent, and just wing it.

For now thats it. There is just so much to do before we leave. There is a long checklist that is slowly being ticket off one by one. We should be pretty busy over the next 5 weeks getting everything in order to be gone for a possible 6 months or maybe more if we like it that much.

Thanks for reading our adventure.






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