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Daily VLOGGing | 3 month update


Hey Y’all!

I am so sorry I haven’t posted in a while. If any of you have been following along on our Youtube channel you’d understand why.  We have been SUPER busy the past few months.

  • Selling our house in August 2016
  • Finishing the camper
  • Selling the camper October 2016
    • Long story but we are very happy with that decision
  • Traveling the USA’s east coast tip to tip.
    • We went to Maine. Watch the video here.
    • We went to Panama city beach, Florida watch that here.
  • Buying all of our gear for our trip
  • Traveling to South East Asia and settling in
    • 24 hours of flight time not including layovers
    • 52 hours of total travel
    • 12 hour different time zone
    • and 4 flights later
  • Once we got here I started Daily Vlogging.
    • This started as a fun thing for our family and friends to watch but also will be fun for us to have to look back on after this is over.
  • We have been reading books like crazy
    • Educating ourselves on entrepreneurship
    • Online business
    • Being a better person
    • and just fun fiction books (Tori)
      • It was the Selection Series- I read the whole series in less then two weeks
I couldn’t put my book down..
  • Working out to try and stay healthy
    • We did Yoga
    • Anthony tried out Muay Thai
  • Eating A LOT!
    • The food is beyond what we imagined it would be.. Its so incredible.
      • Truthfully I had never tried Thai food before coming. Anthony had tried it once.
  • We never want to leave
    • the food
    • the people
    • the cost of living
      • its all amazing but we have to continue on for now…
        • But we will defiantly be back!!

So that a very quick update on what our life has been like for the past few months. Its been a world wind but we couldn’t be happier. The best decision we ever made was both agreeing that NO MATTER WHAT we do not want to work for anyone but ourselves ever again.

Here are some inspirational quotes to help you understand our current path in life. Also maybe to help you change yours ;)…




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