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Daily VLOGGing | 3 month update

Hey Y’all! I am so sorry I haven’t posted in a while. If any of you have been following along on our Youtube channel you’d understand why.  We have been SUPER busy the past few months. Selling our house in August 2016 Finishing the camper Selling the camper October 2016 Long story but we are… Continue reading Daily VLOGGing | 3 month update

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Travel Announcement

Check out the link below to hear our great news. ITS OFFICIAL , finally. We were just so excited we had to go eat some ice cream. VIDEO ANNOUNCEMENT Check out our Youtube channel. This is were we will be posting most of our content while we are traveling.  We are both really excited for this new… Continue reading Travel Announcement

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Learning to Unplug

We have been in the camper now a, short, week and a half but a lot has changed. We have slowed down to enjoy whats around instead of whats in our computers and phones. These changes happened unintentionally and if anything we were fighting it especially me. Getting outdoors has become our daily norm. Between having… Continue reading Learning to Unplug


Why did I ever buy a house in the first place?

I looked at our house that we are currently selling and thought wow I don’t know WHY I ever bought you. I told my grandmother that if someone offered it back to me for free I wouldn’t even take it. Tim Ferris makes a comment in the four-hour work week, saying something along the lines… Continue reading Why did I ever buy a house in the first place?