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Daily VLOGGing | 3 month update

Hey Y’all! I am so sorry I haven’t posted in a while. If any of you have been following along on our Youtube channel you’d understand why.  We have been SUPER busy the past few months. Selling our house in August 2016 Finishing the camper Selling the camper October 2016 Long story but we are… Continue reading Daily VLOGGing | 3 month update

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Travel Announcement

Check out the link below to hear our great news. ITS OFFICIAL , finally. We were just so excited we had to go eat some ice cream. VIDEO ANNOUNCEMENT Check out our Youtube channel. This is were we will be posting most of our content while we are traveling.  We are both really excited for this new… Continue reading Travel Announcement

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7 tips to help you save money for travel

  I read not to long ago in a travel blog that you should try and compare every dollar you spend to what it would cost in the country you are going to. Where our (surprise) location is the USD to there money is a big difference. USD can go way further as long as… Continue reading 7 tips to help you save money for travel


Travel Announcement!

Our plans are to leave and start traveling November 1st (to a surprise location). We will be announcing once we go to settlement. Once settlement is complete it will be an official trip. We are getting so excited. With less then 68 days until we leave its once of the most exciting and adventurous things… Continue reading Travel Announcement!