Travel Announcement!

Our plans are to leave and start traveling November 1st (to a surprise location). We will be announcing once we go to settlement. Once settlement is complete it will be an official trip. We are getting so excited. With less then 68 days until we leave its once of the most exciting and adventurous things… Continue reading Travel Announcement!


Why did I ever buy a house in the first place?

I looked at our house that we are currently selling and thought wow I don’t know WHY I ever bought you. I told my grandmother that if someone offered it back to me for free I wouldn’t even take it. Tim Ferris makes a comment in the four-hour work week, saying something along the lines… Continue reading Why did I ever buy a house in the first place?


First night in the camper

Our first night in the camper was “magical”. I can hear Anthony chuckling at me in the background now for saying that word. I was honestly nervous for our first night because it’s a big change. Thoughts shot through my head faster than I could make solutions for them, “What if I miss my house,… Continue reading First night in the camper